Wood flooring is a popular choice for flooring in Seattle remodeling and Seattle custom home building.  There is virtually an Seatttle Remodeling Contractorendless selection of wood flooring options available when planning a home remodeling project.  I tend to prefer the sustainably harvested options such as reclaimed flooring or fast growing woods like bamboo to use in home remodeling projects or custom home building.  If you’re lucky the wood flooring is  lurking just beneath your carpet.  In Seattle it’s not uncommon to find old fir flooring or face nailed oak underneath.  Fir flooring can look great when re finished but beware of how soft it is.  It is a fragile floor compared to many of the harder wood options like oak or maple.  Another thing to consider when weighing your wood flooring options for your home remodeling project or custom home building project is whether or not to go with pre-finished flooring or job finished flooring.  Job finished wood flooring is not as durable as pre-finished flooring but looks more seamless and “organic” in the room.  Pre-finished flooring is typically more durable and much less of a mess to install, but it usually has v grooves between courses which some people may not like in their home remodel.  I am actually in the market for a new wood floor and am gravitating towards using pre finished for the simple reason of not wanting to go through the finishing process while living in my house with my wife, kids and dog.  Check out this idea for wood flooring posted on Houzz.com.  Not sure how durable that will end up being but it’s certainly a cost effective wood floor.

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