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Warm Board Used for in floor hydronic heating.

Flooring is obviously an area in home remodeling or custom home building with a seemingly endless amount of choices.  Obviously some flooring choices are more appropriate for certain rooms than others in a custom home building or home remodeling project but in reality I’ve seen just about every type of flooring used in every type of room regardless.  In my mind carpet in a bathroom is disgusting but it happens and is a good reason to hire a home remodeling contractor.  At any rate selecting the flooring for your home remodeling or custom home building project is a personal choice.  Like many finish choices the selection needs to be balanced between budget, aesthetic and durability.  Then there’s the matter of what’s under the floor.  In floor heating has become more and more popular in the last 10 years or so.  There are a lot of options for in floor heating and I don’t want to deviate into HVAC in this post but it is something to consider when choosing your flooring.  Not all flooring can be laid over heated floors so make sure to check on the

compatibility.  Also the thickness of the system under the floor needs to be taken into account.  If you are building a custom home all you need to do is plan ahead.  If you’re involved in a home remodeling project your heights may be set by existing elements like doors or cabinets which may limit your under floor choices.  More on flooring next week.

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