5 Ways to make your home remodeling project enjoyable.

If you own your own home or building at some point in time you will end up hiring a remodeling home remodelingcontractor.  Even the most rugged do it yourselfer will eventually succumb to the reality that some things are best done by professional remodeling contractors and tradesmen.  The following five tips are intended to put any potential remodeling project on the right footing.

  1. Credentials – Does the home remodeling contractor have the required credentials such as a state license, insurance and bond.  Starting with these seemingly obvious and mundane requirements actually effectively weeds out the fly by nighters and it’s easy information to obtain through the department of Labor and Industries.
  2. Experience – Can the home remodeling contractors you are soliciting proposals from demonstrate sufficient experience with the remodeling you wish to have done?  Some projects have a “first in history” feel to them but there’s usually someone that’s tackled a similar project.
  3. Scope of Work – Is the scope of work clearly defined?  Can both you and the contractor see the beginning middle and end of the story that is your home remodeling project?  You need to answer with a loud and affirming YES if you want the budget to stay in your control.
  4. Contract – Do you have a contract that spells out your relationship with the contractor that both you and the contractor understand and plan to live by?  Even the best intentioned working relationships can have hiccups along the way.  Having a clear contract puts everyone on the same page from the outset.
  5. Communication – If this were a list of 10 ways to make your home remodeling project tolerable, the last five items would all be communication.  It’s the single most important thing.  If you or your home remodeling company aren’t good communicators small problems can multiply.  With good communication small problems stay small and outcomes are good.
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