seattle custom home builderCabinets or casework is a really important part of any Seattle custom home builder or home remodeling project.  Cabinetry breaks down into two basic categories; custom cabinets and modular or prefab cabinets.  Custom cabinets are exactly what they sound like.  Cabinets built to your specifications to fit the dimensions and look of a given room.  Modular cabinets are cabinets that are built in pre-determined sizes and require fitting the room to the cabinets or mixing and matching the sizes of cabinets manufactured with filler strips to make the cabinets work for your home remodeling project or custom home builder project.  The main advantage of modular cabinets is they are typically less expensive than custom cabinets and easier on your home remodeling or custom home building budget.  The disadvantage is of course, they are not custom and if you have an odd shaped room or very specific ideas on the design of your cabinets they may not work.  Most of the Seattle custom home builder and home remodeling projects we get involved with use custom cabinets as they are typical for higher end projects.  More on cabinets next week.  Thanks for reading!

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