Seattle General Contractors, Mixed Use Project

This Seattle General Contractors project was to convert an existing 1929 4 story concrete mini storage to an apartment/mixed use building in the lower Queen Anne Neighborhood of Seattle. The retrofit construction touched every aspect of the building.

Project description follows the pictures below

Seattle General Contractors – Mixed use building conversion

  • Structurally the building was very stout but with the need to add windows to transform the interior spaces to living spaces new openings needed to be cut in that would compromise the 90 year old concrete shell. In order to maintain shear strength the retrofit was designed to essentially build a concrete structure within the existing shell. Keever and Associates, Seattle General Contractors achieved this by driving helical piles 30-60′ along all 4 walls to support new grade beams. From the grade beams heavily reinforced shot crete shear wallswere built and tied into the existing shell.
  • Egress was another major part of the conversion. The existing stairwell and elevator needed to be enlarged by Seattle general contractors to meet today’s code requirements. The existing cast in place stair well was demolished and a wider wood frame stair installed to meet code. The elevator shaft was demolished and the pit enlarged by Seattle general contractors to meet the requirements for the new elevator. A wood framed penthouse was also added to allow roof access.
  • Theelectrical service needed to be updated by Seattle general contractors for the buildings new use and power demands. The overhead service was eliminated and a new 800 amp underground service installed, as well as all new interior wiring and fixtures.
  • With concrete beam and slab construction the head room of the interior spaces was at 8′ which made the HVAC system a challenge for Seattle general contractors. Great care was taken by Keever and Associates, Seattle General Contractors and our subs to design the HVAC system for minimal impact on head room. Bath, kitchen and laundry vents were also tricky and required the use of booster fans in many cases.
  • Seattle general contractors determined the existing water supply was not adequate for the new needs of the building. Two new city lines were brought in to accommodate the residential demand and the new fire sprinkler system. As with the HVAC the plumbing and sprinkler piping was carefully planned by Keever and Associates, Seattle General Contractors and coordinated with other trades to have the lowest impact possible on the interior spaces.

Above are just some examples of the work involved with the change of use of this building by Seattle general contractors. Some other aspects in brief are: New bolt on balconies, new driveway with catch basin, new gas service and distribution, roof top deck, new sidewalks, spray foam insulation throughout, rain screen siding (Ceraclad), sheet metal break shape exterior trim, new roofing, gutters, downspouts, etc performed by Keever and Assocaites – Seattle general contractors.

Architect: Edi Linardic


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