general contractorA General Contractor is a person or company that is in charge of a construction project from beginning to completion, whether commercial or residential. Responsible for the coordination of each assignment, a General Contractor’s duties include:

Gathering bids from subcontractors
Your General Contractor will have a list of trusted subcontractors. This allows him to gather and evaluate bids in a quick and efficient manner.


Hires, schedules and pays subcontractors
The General Contractor will hire and schedule every subcontractor needed for a project. This can include plumbers, electricians, and even interior designers.

Answers Questions/Resolves Issues
Because a General Contractor spends so much time on-site, they are available to quickly answer client questions and resolve any unexpected issues that may arise.

Acquires permits and arranges inspections
In Seattle, and across the country, permits are needed before certain construction actions are taken. A Seattle General Contractor will acquire all necessary permits and will arrange for building and site inspections.

Your General Contractor will:

  • Provide you with a single point of contact
  • Order supplies and oversee their installation
  • Provide skilled labor
  • Ensure that the project is being built according to the plans

A good General Contractor will also have the following traits:

  • Will be a good leader
  • Will be able to resolve issues quickly and effectively
  • Will have excellent problem-solving skills
  • Will be experienced

Keever & Associates Seattle General Contractors have been assisting customers with their contracting needs since 1977. We can be reached at 206-200-5582 or via the form on this website.

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