Seattle basement finishing

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If you’ve been playing along at home you know we’ve been working on a Seattle basement finishing project.  We’ve completed the project and the newly remodeled basement looks great!  The owners have moved in Seattle basement finishingand are loving it.  As with any remodeling project there were a few surprises in this

Seattle basement finishing project.

Most notably was the water that was coming up through the slab during heavy rain events.  Since we’ve done a lot of Seattle basement finishing projects we were able to quickly develop and implement a cost effective solution.  In the area with the water problem we saw cut and removed the slab.  Excavated 12″ of dirt out.  Installed perforated drain pipe that sloped to the ejector pump we installed for the plumbing waste.  We wrapped the pipe in filter fabric and back-filled with 8″ of drain rock.  We then put down a vapor barrier and poured a new slab.  Problem solved!  It is lucky that we had some heavy rains when we started the project because the new owners were under the impression the basement was dry.  If we had done this Seattle basement finishing project in the hot and dusty days of August the owners probably wouldn’t have discovered the issue until October when the water had all of their nice basement finishes to ruin.

Aside from snatching victory from the jaws of defeat with the water we matched the trim work and doors to match the upstairs.  The basement finishing matches the main floor so well they look like they were built together originally.  For us that’s the mark of a well done remodeling project regardless of weather it’s your basement or adding a second floor.  The final product should look seamlessly integrated and only you and the hairdresser should know that it’s a remodel.

You can see more pictures of this Seattle basement finishing project by clicking here.

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Seattle basement remodeling update

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Things are moving right along on our current Seattle basement remodeling project.  All of the plumbing, HVAC and electrical have been roughed in.  In an effort to keep the cost down the owners elected to leave the existing duct work where it is and soffit them in.  It’s made for quite a convoluted ceiling.  Drywall is underway and we’ve got our doors and trim being delivered so we can pre-stain everything before it gets installed.

Seattle basement remodeling -next steps.

  • Mud, tape, prime & texture the drywall
  • Install tile tub surround.
  • Install bathroom VCT flooring.
  • Install doors and trim (casing and base)
  • Install the bath vanity.
  • Install plumbing trim
  • Install electrical devices and trim.
  • Final inspections.
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Seattle basement finishing contractor

Laying out floor for cutting in drain lines

Keever and Associates has begun work on another Seattle basement remodeling and finishing project.  The new owners of this 1950s home wanted to add a master bedroom suite, guest room and family room in their existing basement.  We spent time initially helping the owners work through the details of their upcoming Seattle basement remodeling and finishing project so we could come up with a meaningful budget.  Once we were able to select materials and tweak the design to fit their budget we started demolition and as you can see from the pictures basement remodeling is underway.

Seattle remodeling contractor

Wall framing


Seattle Basement Remodeling and Finishing-

can be a great cost effective way to add livable space to your home.  The three of the most important things to consider when thinking about basement remodeling and finishing project are:  1.  Is the sewer line exiting the house high enough for the new fixtures to gravity feed?  2.  Does the basement ever flood?  Are there any ceiling obstructions that will impact the usability of the space (ie: duct work, gas lines…).  None of these things is necessarily a deal killer for a basement remodel and finishing but can add significant cost.

Seattle basement remodeling

Concrete cut and demoed to allow ground work for plumbing to be installed

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Seattle custom home builder I’ve decided to start a series of blog articles dealing with interior finishes.  What are finishes in a home remodeling or addition project?  Well according to CSI or the “Construction Specification Institute” finishes are as follows:

Metal Support Assemblies Plaster and Gypsum Board
Tile Terazzo
Ceilings Flooring
Wall Finishes Acoustical Treatment
Paints and Cotings

I’m not going to stick to this list exclusively because I’ll be including items that aren’t in the CSI list above like cabinetry, counter tops, plumbing, and electrical finishes.

The reason I’ve decided to start this series is because these items are what you see and feel when you begin to live in your new home built by your custom home builder or newly finished quality remodel.  There are a ton of choices within each finish item and trying to balance function, with cost and maintain a coherent design aesthetic can be overwhelming.  It used to be that when a person got architectural plans for a remodeling project most, if not all, of the finish selections were planned in advance with the help of the architect interior designer.  For whatever reason, this isn’t the norm anymore.  More and more people are getting bare bones “permit drawings” without any specifications and taking on the daunting task of making the most important selections with regards to the finished look of your remodeling project.  Not to mention the finishes make up a large part of the overall remodeling or new home construction budget.  So stay tuned for weekly updates on this topic.

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We are underway on another Seattle basement finishing project-

seattle basement finishingWe were contacted to provide Seattle design build services for a Seattle basement finishing project in north Seattle.  As far as Seattle unfinished basements go this one had good head room and a relatively level floor.  The existing sewer pipe access for the new basement bathroom was too small to accommodate a full bath.  To increase the size we determined there was a 4″ side sewer line under the driveway at sufficient depth to obtain proper slope.  We then cut and demoed the concrete to create a path for the plumbing waste lines.  We then poured back the concrete floor and framed the new walls in the basement.  Insulation has been installed and drywall will be installed shortly.Seattle General Contractors- basement finishing

With the week economy Seattle general contractors are seeing an increase in customers looking into basement finishing or converting other spaces into livable space to add living space in an economical way.

Keever and Associates, Seattle Basement finishing.

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Video – Seattle General Contractors – basement finishing

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Seattle Contractors have experience from the basement up.

Seattle Contractors Crawl space before excavation and re framing.

Crawl space before basement finishing begins.

Keever and Associates, Inc. – Seattle Contractors, was recently contracted to turn an existing crawlspace into a daylight basement in Everett.  The custom home is built on a hill and the crawl space lent itself to basement finishing.  All it takes for Seattle contractors is removing the dirt, providing new foundation support and relocating some of the structural framing members to open up the space.

It’s best to have experienced Seattle Contractors take on this type of work as they will be more efficient and less likely to make a catastrophic mistake under your house.  There are 3 things that need to be evaluated carefully by the Seattle contractors:  Temporary shoring to remove obstacles from the work site, careful excavation to avoid undermining the foundation and ground water mitigation.

Seattle Contractors need temporary framing support.

Often in a basement finishing project the home needs to be temporarily supported in the crawl space to provide access for the Seattle Contractors.  This needs to be done carefully because if it is not the house can sag causing expensive repairs on the upper floors.  That’s why hiring an experienced Seattle Contractor that has the know how to properly shore up the house while the basement finishing project is underway is very important.

Of course most basement finishing projects include excavating down in the crawlspace to achieve head room clearance.  If not done well with the correct methods the foundation

Basement after Seattle Contractor excavation and reframing.

Basement after Seattle Contractor excavation and reframing.

can move and cause costly repairs.  Underpinning a house is not trivial and you should only work with experienced Seattle Contractors.

Often after achieving the head room there may be ground water to contend with.  There are many ways to mitigate moisture in a basement.  As long as you have an experienced Seattle contractors finishing your basement you will employ one of the many techniques used to mitigate basement water intrusion.

There are many unfinished basements in Seattle and Seattle contractors in the area that have the experience can make what seems like a daunting project a breeze.

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