Seattle remodelingWe are underway with a good sized addition and Seattle remodeling project in north Seattle.  The new portion of the house isSeattle home remodeling one great room on the main floor which will include a beautiful custom kitchen that opens up to a luxurious dining/living room complete with a flagstone faced fireplace.  The original 1940s era house will largely stay in tact but will get a face lift.  We will swap out some of the trim, install some new built in cabinets, fix the cracks in the plaster, refinish the oak flooring and put on a fresh coat of paint.  The entire exterior will get re-sided and have a cedar trellis installed with custom exterior gates for privacy.  The thoughtful design of this Seattle remodeling and addition project keeps the street appeal of the original house in tact and basically hides the addition in the back.  However from the back yard the addition looks quite imposing which is where tSeattle remodeling companyhe trellis and associated plantings will come to play to soften the monolith.  The entire second floor of this Seattle remodeling and addition project is the master bedroom suite.  The master bedroom suite is very airy with clear story windows, a Juliette balcony and 12 foot high vaulted ceilings.  The master bath is quite roomy with a double vanity, and a jetted tub tucked under two corner windows looking out over the owners large park like back yard.  I’ll post more pictures of this Seattle remodeling project as we move further along.    Seattle remodeling contractor Seattle home improvement

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seattle new home construction   We recently completed this beautiful custom contemporary craftsman home in the greenlake neighborhood of Seattle, WA.  The family has owned their home here in greenlake since the mid 90s.  Seattle general contractorThe original home was just shy of 100 years old and had come to the end of its useful life.  There were however a few things that were worth saving for the new custom  home contruction.  The owners had recently replaced the furnace with a high efficiency gas furnace and a high efficiency gas hot water heater which were removed from the original structure and stored for re use in the new custom home to be built.  Also some of the original fir flooring was salvaged and donated to a local used building supply company.  As are most infill projects in Seattle the lot conditions were tight and with a full basement with 9 foot ceilings some creative shoring had to be implemented to maintain a safe working environment as well as protect from damaging the neighboring properties.  Also when faced with tight site conditions, areas available to stage materials park trucks are at a premium, and coordination between material deliveries and tradesman activities must be well orchestrated to maintain an efficient custom home construction process.

Even thought this custom home has many “high end” components to it we worked diligently with the owners to build the house to suit their budget as well as their tastes.  This always results in tradeoffs and in my opinion the owners did a great job communicating their vision to us, the custom home builder, so we could more easily steer them in the direction of cost savings where it made senGreenlake custom homese.  With good Seattle custom home buildercommunication and cooperation between owner and custom home builder we were able to finish this home under $300 per square foot which is a great value for the owners.  We really enjoyed working with the owners on the project and had a great time putting this house together.

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Home Remodeling Radio talk show

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I was recently asked to speak about home remodeling on the local KIRO radio program Home Matters.  If you missed it you can catch here.  Happy remodeling Seattle!



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Seattle basement finishing

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If you’ve been playing along at home you know we’ve been working on a Seattle basement finishing project.  We’ve completed the project and the newly remodeled basement looks great!  The owners have moved in Seattle basement finishingand are loving it.  As with any remodeling project there were a few surprises in this

Seattle basement finishing project.

Most notably was the water that was coming up through the slab during heavy rain events.  Since we’ve done a lot of Seattle basement finishing projects we were able to quickly develop and implement a cost effective solution.  In the area with the water problem we saw cut and removed the slab.  Excavated 12″ of dirt out.  Installed perforated drain pipe that sloped to the ejector pump we installed for the plumbing waste.  We wrapped the pipe in filter fabric and back-filled with 8″ of drain rock.  We then put down a vapor barrier and poured a new slab.  Problem solved!  It is lucky that we had some heavy rains when we started the project because the new owners were under the impression the basement was dry.  If we had done this Seattle basement finishing project in the hot and dusty days of August the owners probably wouldn’t have discovered the issue until October when the water had all of their nice basement finishes to ruin.

Aside from snatching victory from the jaws of defeat with the water we matched the trim work and doors to match the upstairs.  The basement finishing matches the main floor so well they look like they were built together originally.  For us that’s the mark of a well done remodeling project regardless of weather it’s your basement or adding a second floor.  The final product should look seamlessly integrated and only you and the hairdresser should know that it’s a remodel.

You can see more pictures of this Seattle basement finishing project by clicking here.

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Bellevue remodeling bellevue remodeling contractorsWe are approaching the end of the new bunker garage construction phase of our Bellevue remodeling project on Cougar mountain.  With the waterproofing membrane, drain mat and drainage system complete we buried the garage.  The owner likes the siding we installed during her main home remodel she has asked us to skin the garage with the same clear cedar to match the house.  With the garage buried the yard has quite a bit more real estate and will look great once it’s the grass is planted and landscaping installed.  Now that we’re done using the heavy equipment we demolished the driveway, regraded and installed a new asphalt driveway that looks great.

Bellevue remodeling – new bunker garage next steps:

  • Install guard rails at stairs, parapet walls and retaining walls
  • Install garage door with battery back up opener
  • Install cedar siding on the new garage to match the home remodeling we performed earlier
  • Seal the remaining exposed concrete with a colored sealer.
  • Seal the new asphalt driveway once it has sufficiently cured.
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Seattle basement remodeling update

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Things are moving right along on our current Seattle basement remodeling project.  All of the plumbing, HVAC and electrical have been roughed in.  In an effort to keep the cost down the owners elected to leave the existing duct work where it is and soffit them in.  It’s made for quite a convoluted ceiling.  Drywall is underway and we’ve got our doors and trim being delivered so we can pre-stain everything before it gets installed.

Seattle basement remodeling -next steps.

  • Mud, tape, prime & texture the drywall
  • Install tile tub surround.
  • Install bathroom VCT flooring.
  • Install doors and trim (casing and base)
  • Install the bath vanity.
  • Install plumbing trim
  • Install electrical devices and trim.
  • Final inspections.
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5 Ways to make your home remodeling project enjoyable.

If you own your own home or building at some point in time you will end up hiring a remodeling home remodelingcontractor.  Even the most rugged do it yourselfer will eventually succumb to the reality that some things are best done by professional remodeling contractors and tradesmen.  The following five tips are intended to put any potential remodeling project on the right footing.

  1. Credentials – Does the home remodeling contractor have the required credentials such as a state license, insurance and bond.  Starting with these seemingly obvious and mundane requirements actually effectively weeds out the fly by nighters and it’s easy information to obtain through the department of Labor and Industries.
  2. Experience – Can the home remodeling contractors you are soliciting proposals from demonstrate sufficient experience with the remodeling you wish to have done?  Some projects have a “first in history” feel to them but there’s usually someone that’s tackled a similar project.
  3. Scope of Work – Is the scope of work clearly defined?  Can both you and the contractor see the beginning middle and end of the story that is your home remodeling project?  You need to answer with a loud and affirming YES if you want the budget to stay in your control.
  4. Contract – Do you have a contract that spells out your relationship with the contractor that both you and the contractor understand and plan to live by?  Even the best intentioned working relationships can have hiccups along the way.  Having a clear contract puts everyone on the same page from the outset.
  5. Communication – If this were a list of 10 ways to make your home remodeling project tolerable, the last five items would all be communication.  It’s the single most important thing.  If you or your home remodeling company aren’t good communicators small problems can multiply.  With good communication small problems stay small and outcomes are good.
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We’ve been building a bunker garage for a customer over the past several weeks.  It’s been a fun custom builder project and I’ve been thoroughly documenting it for a future video montage of its construction.  I thought however, I would go ahead and post some of the highlights of this custom builder project.  We originally started working at this site about 18 months ago and completed an extensive interior and exterior home remodel for the owner.  She liked things so much she asked us to design – build this bunker garage.  Even though the house is situated on 2 acres the desired location for the garage construction made things tight.  We basically maxed out the vertical cut for the excavation and if it were any bigger we would have needed shoring to keep the road above from falling in our hole.

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Seattle home remodeling

Built in and cabinet used to conjure the same images.  Over the past 5-10 years or so we’ve been designing cabinets to look like furniture and using furniture in place of a cabinet.  I feel like the “shabby sheik” movement began the use of furniture for cabinets and the look has evolved from there.  The first time I came into contact with the blurring of furniture and cabinetry was during a Seattle home remodeling project  where the owner had a vintage desk she wanted to use as the powder room bathroom vanity.  I remember being suspect of such a request at the time but when it was done the results where unique and stunning.  Since then we’ve had our custom cabinet maker build cabinetry that looks like furniture rather than a traditional cabinet.  One of the hallmarks of this look is the lack of a toe kick or recessed pedestal that a traditional cabinet sits on.  The toe kick is usually replaced with some sort of feet that make the cabinet appear to be”placed furniture pieces” rather than “built in”.  It used to be that in high end construction and home remodeling no room was complete without an elaborate built in but there seems to be a stylistic shift where the built ins are becoming “placed furniture pieces”.

Seattle  Home Remodeling-thanks for reading!


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Seattle basement finishing contractor

Laying out floor for cutting in drain lines

Keever and Associates has begun work on another Seattle basement remodeling and finishing project.  The new owners of this 1950s home wanted to add a master bedroom suite, guest room and family room in their existing basement.  We spent time initially helping the owners work through the details of their upcoming Seattle basement remodeling and finishing project so we could come up with a meaningful budget.  Once we were able to select materials and tweak the design to fit their budget we started demolition and as you can see from the pictures basement remodeling is underway.

Seattle remodeling contractor

Wall framing


Seattle Basement Remodeling and Finishing-

can be a great cost effective way to add livable space to your home.  The three of the most important things to consider when thinking about basement remodeling and finishing project are:  1.  Is the sewer line exiting the house high enough for the new fixtures to gravity feed?  2.  Does the basement ever flood?  Are there any ceiling obstructions that will impact the usability of the space (ie: duct work, gas lines…).  None of these things is necessarily a deal killer for a basement remodel and finishing but can add significant cost.

Seattle basement remodeling

Concrete cut and demoed to allow ground work for plumbing to be installed

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